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Ugh, I loved this so much! It gave me such a warm, nostalgic feeling. You did a great job with this project. I really felt like I was reliving my childhood and visiting all the old games I used to play. The art is also really well done and I can see how much time went into it. Great job! 

Thank you a lot ^=^
I'm glad you had a great experience ! What would be the games you would revisit for a nostalgic trip ?

Oh man there's so many! 

Any of the LoZ games but especially A Link to the Past and Wind Waker, Super Mario Bros 1 & 2, Pokemon Blue, Harvest Moon, Star Fox Adventures, the list goes on! 

What about you? 

For me it would be RPG like Final Fantasy 7,8,9,10,10-2, Pokemon blue and gold and trading card game, Digimon World, Sim City 1, Golden Sun, Minish Cap, and some Playstation 1 fighting game like Star Gladiator or those ugly 3d Street Fighter Ex+ alpha...
You're right, there is too much stuff, haha...

I really liked it! It was a short but interesting experience. At the beggining, I was totally confused, but I understood your idea the more I went into it and when I started reading the log. 

 I really like the look of Adam's Bitsy, and you used it really well. 

I think there is not that much things to do with this kind of ideas unless you make it like Kingdom Hearts and just embrace the "no stage is related to the one before nor the one next", but I recalled my times as a kid playing with my toys and creating worlds in my head, Smash Bros-ish. 

Good little game, I hope you make more like this in the future.