Content Warning : Violence on children, Police brutality, violence on animals

How to play : Use the arrow keys of your keyboard to move the avatar and interact with the environnment.

If Ness had not woken up.  In Onett, Ness wakes up late in the morning, a meteorite felt near the house last night and the Minch kids have disappeared.
This game is a fangame about Earthbound. You can play it if you didn't have played Earthbound already but I think you'll miss a part of the experience.
If you love JRPG, colored pixels, UFOs stories, consider playing the Mother games serie.

This game has been made with Bitsy, a really cool application by Adam Ledoux to design short game with minimalist graphics. You can find it here
Also, thanks to Mark Wonnacott for the cool application to fuse bitsy and audio easily

I've done the music with some soundfonts of Earthbound, synth1, drumpro64 on Reaper DAW.

If you find any bugs, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

Twitter : @monplaisirmusic
Bandcamp :
Website :


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I really enjoyed what you did here. Speaking as a Mother-series fan, I think you've really put together something inspiring with this. Great stuff, and fantastic work on the music as well. Merveilleux!


Thank you so much for your reply ! It means a lot to me if you like the Mother-serie =) Don't hesitate to check out the super short sequel I've done called "Lucas : Sleepy Head Boi" = )


oh non c'est trop triste T_T, sinon concept original et bande-sons coolos ^^


I keep going back to this! Such a great vibe to it


Well, I'm a massive EB fan and... I love this. I really do. I'm going back to bobbing my head up and down to the music now. 


The music is nice when listening to 10 minutes. :D