CW: Toxic behaviour, suffering at work, anxiety, anxiety due to workplace, drugs.
I strongly don't recommend to play this game if you have suffered anxious situation on your workplace and if you can be triggered by stuff talking about anxiety, depression...

I did this game for the bitsy game jam "One room", and I needed to talk about some of my work experiences in a game, and the loneliness you can feel at home when it's hard for you to share those experiences with other people.

If you are experiencing similar situation as described in this game, it's not a bad thing to seek for help or someone to share your situation with.

The soundtrack is available here :

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Tagsanxiety, Bitsy, burnout, monplaisir, Pixel Art, sad, Short, short-game, workplace


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Sad, but I'm happy that you found help in the end. This world is very harsh on all of us for no reason and not every one can cope with it. But be strong, you're very talented and I'm using your music in one of my games. I wish you all the best!

Haven't even played yet, just commented to say that I'm sorry you had to experience something like that.

Just played it, Thought it was very detailed. It really made me feel like I was that character. I liked the ending, how everything was disappearing, as if you were caring about less and less. I really hope you make more, but at the same time don't want you to look back into painful situations. If I were to be the Judge, you would be the winner. In my opinion, this is by far the best game in this jam, purely because of the storytelling. Adios, my friend.

Thanks for your comments. Making this game was hard and I still feel weird after making it.  I don't think I'll do more of this kind of game, maybe if I need to exorcise other stuff, I'll do. Now I will focus more on game ideas to live communist or anarchist game situations if it's possible. =)
Thanks again, friend.

Le sujet est plutôt dur, mais j'ai beaucoup aimé la façon dont il est abordé avec nuance, et les choix esthétique dans la présentation et l'utilisation du thème. Le réçit parvient à transmettre énormément d'empathie !

Merci, ton retour fait plaisir !