Travel through Pallet Town and Viridian Town after an anti-capitalist and anti-speciesist revolution! Red, Blue, Green and Yellow have fought to emancipate Kanto from the grip of the Pokémon League and its alienating power over the people. And you, you play as GAMIN Lesli who has to pick up a package for their MOM so she can make pottery this weekend with her friends! Will you arrive in time to get the package and will there be any rhubarb pie left?

Controls : Directional Pad.

Any resemblance to real-life Pokéfan is a tribute.

This game was made using the Bitsy tool developed by Adam Ledoux.

Thanks and shout out to the Sean Morl discord for the help on translating some french bad jokes.

Pour la version française du jeu, allez ici :

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
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(15 total ratings)
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, Fangame, momcore, Pixel Art, pokemon, revolution, Short, short-game




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should have been called Pokemon Hammer and Sickle…

In Soviet Russia Pokemon catches you.


This game did...something to me. IDK what it is yet. 10/10.


This is a fantastic game that is a tribute to both Pokémon and the dismantling of corrupt structures. It doesn't take long to play, and there's a lot of good messaging in here that's fun to read.


I really have no idea if this game is supposed to be a troll or what, but I think The world of Pokemon is the last place I would want to apply marxism/communism.  I mean thank God that after WW2 there were Allied men that actually cared enough to stay behind in Japan and help institute their current government (Still a Monarchy, but somewhat democratic)  ...

However I HIGHLY respect this upload because I love alternate history-fiction and this is some-how Alternate Fiction-Fiction!  Job well done!


This game is not a troll, it's definitely a game loving the idea of marxism and communism but knowing that revolutionary processes don't apply quickly and easily and have a lot of contradiction and forces going against each other.
Also, comparing the economic and politic situation of Pokemon's Kanto and the economic and politic situation of Japan just after WW2 isn't relevent at all, because one is fictional and not described as much, and the other one is pretty existing and documented.
After that, thinking that the US occupation of the Japan after WW2 was a blessing is, I think, not watching what was the consequences of this occupation on the long run.  It canceled the possibility of the japanese to autodeterminate themselves and placed them in developping a capitalist system that actually socially ruined them.

But thank you for your comment and your feedback on the game !


Not all bad is bad nor all good is good .  Occupation was necessary, however not ideal , but in order to make something from the rubbles.  I understand this has been painted by both sides in different ways.  Think of this though... At that point the fact was that the bomb had been already dropped , so for the usa or others to have just left it would have been the end of relations with the west and possibly leaving Japan as a 3rd world country.   I don't like any war but understanding that from each side's individual angle is most respectful and important to consider.   I am against big Governments , but still see a need for laws governed by citizens and not the mega conglomerates ,capital seekers, or even polite society .  They think we all need saving from unseen "Offenses"  , but what we really need is a return to humanity where we try to understand the opposite views and not to shut them down, but to actively listen to all angles as a good student of truth. 

 Politicians in Capitalist and Marxist countries both attempt to solve an issue that would be self-healing if not for the heavy hand of things like world governments and others who would stand in the way of how you might want to live your life.     Imagine if we went backwards in time 500 years...  we would be very displaced with laws and customs outside our own.   I think in light of these contemplations , I really have to wonder how compromised would one have to be to believe all of just one side when it comes to Government as a base-line irrelevant of type or culture...

  This is what I love though discussing the hard questions we all ponder and sometimes we may never get an answer,  but it sure is nice to have other people to share this crazy world with that don't think everything the same way I do...

So can we agree on that?


I'm not sure to agree in anything on what you said (because my french bum doesn't understand all of it). I will just say we have tried capitalism in most of the countries in the world for decades, and even though some were saying they were coming with marxist philosphy, they applied capitalism and right winged authoritarian philosophy. So we can't really say about anarchocommunism as though by Marx, Bakounine, Goldman.
What i'm sure is that I don't have to balance the rights and wrongs on political philosophy with a predatorian one who kill people who don't have money by forcing them to work at minimum wage in precarious housing while rich get richer on the value made by the working class (capitalism) against one who want to put at the core of the system social, ecologic and economic justice (anarchism).
Trying to balance on this is having the privilege to not choose between a side. And, it's paradoxal because, not choosing and not being radical is already taking a side, the side of the system already oppressing people by letting it on place.
On that I would agree.


Well just make sure you remember to always keep loving people know matter what your political or social beliefs be!  I really wanted to convey a  message that I don't subscribe to either.   Believe me though,  when I say if Political Altruism doesnt dissolve soon, everyone will look like zealots on both sides of capitalism vs communism talk.   

I'm glad to discuss this more but it is hard to explain further in messages rather than talking, I don't want to bother you with such a topic when we all just want to have fun here!


This rebuilt of pokeuniverse deserves an ocean of pokelove The lutte continues *****


Wonderful <3

Deleted 1 year ago

 Hi, I appreciate your feedback but I’m really not at ease with your usage of the word Holocaust to talk about animal cruelty. I think you can’t compare anything with Holocaust but the actual Holocaust, and it’s quite a slippery slope to tax all humans as potential nazis. Yes, destroying ecosystems and exploiting animals are really really wrong and have a tons of bad consequences. But using this word to cause an intense emotion, to create a choc, is a really bad strategy and minimizing the history and impact of what happened during WW2. You can talk and fight for animal rights without using that word.

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I am sorry. Really not trying to be offensive or to minimize. I am upset about the hell on earth we have created and can not think of better language to use to describe it.

I guess the word choice doesnt seem that shocking to me after watching what goes on in large scale animal farms and knowing the number of animals killed for product each year.

Sorry if I am defensive. I do apologize and will remove my comment.